How A Live Auto Auction Works

Auction Terms and Conditions

These terms and conditions are absolute and cannot be altered or changed in any way. If you cannot follow these terms completely, we ask you NOT TO BID OR ACCEPT A BIDDERS CARD. If you do not understand any of these conditions, please speak to the office staff before bidding. Once you have received the winning bid, you have entered into a LEGALLY BINDING CONTRACT and must follow through with all purchases made. All sales are final. All persons taking legal ownership of said property must register to bid prior to bidding on an item. Failure to register could result in auctioneer awarding bid to back up bidder.


Please remember all sales are final, you do not have an automatic right to "back out" of a vehicle purchase. Once auctioneer says "sold" the sale is final! Therefore, please inspect the vehicles closely during preview! The vehicles sold at our auction range from late-model luxury cars in mint condition to "fixer-uppers" for mechanics that like a challenge. If you don't know cars inside and out, bring someone with you who does.

No Guarantee

Everything is sold as is, where is without guarantee or warranty of any kind, regardless of any statements made by any persons in or at the sale. Use your preview period to inspect any and all property you may bid on and accept your purchase with all its faults and flaws. Other than delivery of title and bill of sale, neither auctioneers nor others make or imply any warranty of any kind.

Preview Time

Preview is available everyday of the week. Preview on auction day will end at 11:45 and will resume again after auction is over. Test drives are also available every day of the week as well. Please see an auction representative for further information.


Before bidding you must register. Registration is free. You must be 18 years or older to register. You must have a valid ID in order to register.


This is the fun part! The auctioneer will announce the lot number and describe the vehicle. Then the bidding starts!!

This process goes very quickly and can be confusing the first time. The auctioneer will suggest a starting price: "Who'll give me one thousand dollars to start?" If nobody wants to start at that price, the auctioneer will lower the amount until someone bids. To bid, simply raise your hand and display your bidder number. A "ring man" will point to you and shout, "YES, sir!" The auctioneer will start asking for higher bids: "I have eight hundred dollars, do I hear nine hundred?" If someone wants to bid $900, he will raise his bidder number, the ring man will point to him and shout, "YES, sir!" If you raise the bid, the ring man will point to you and the other person will be out. The process continues until nobody wants to bid any higher: "I have nineteen hundred dollars, who'll give me nineteen-fifty? Going once, twice, third and final call: SOLD! For nineteen hundred dollars to bidder number 268." A clerk will write down the winning amount and the bidder number. If yours is the winning bid, the vehicle is now YOURS! At this point, please go to the office immediately to make a deposit.

Buyers Premium

There is a buyer's premium over and above the bid price of $250.00 minimum or 15% (whichever is greater). All sales will be taxed and applicable license and documentary fees added. All elements of this proposed transaction are negotiable including price, trade allowance, interest rate (of which the dealer may retain a portion), term and a documentary fee up to $150, may be Added to the sale price or capitalized cost of vehicle. Nothing contained herein is binding on either party; any agreement is subject to execution of contract documents. It is the customer's sole responsibility to verify the existence and condition of any equipment listed. Pricing subject to change without notice.


When you are done bidding immediately go to the office and present your bidder number to the cashier. A deposit of $400.00 Minimum or 10%, whichever is greater, is due immediately upon winning bid. Final payment is due by Tuesday at 5:00pm. You must place a deposit on a vehicle before you will be allowed to bid on an additional vehicle.


We accept cash, debit (with visa logo) and credit cards. Debit and credit cards will be accepted up to $1,000.00 without a surcharge. If using a debit or credit card a 4% surcharge will be applied if you choose swipe more than the $1,000.00 limit. Cashier's checks are accepted Monday-Tuesday only! All cashier's checks must be called in for verification before vehicle can be released.


We offer a full service finance department. Please do not bid on a vehicle before getting approved. Please see a finance manager to find if you can qualify for financing. You must be pre-approved for financing or your deposit will be forfeited.

Extended Warranties

Extended warranties are available for purchase on most vehicles offered for auction. Please see a finance manager to see if a particular vehicle qualifies for an extended warranty, and finance manager will provide you with the cost of the warranty.

Sample Buyers' Contracts
Bid Price $600.00 $2,500.00 $5,000.00 $8,000.00
Buyer's Fee/Premium $250.00  (Minimum Fee) $375.00  (15% Fee) $750.00  (15% Fee) $1,200.00 (15% Fee)
B&O .00521% $4.43 $14.98 $29.96 $47.93
Sales Tax $83.73 $283.22 $566.44 $906.30
Title Transfer Fee (Good Tabs) $82.00 $82.00 $82.00 $82.00
Documentation Fee   $75.00 $75.00 $75.00 $75.00
Total Purchase Price $1,095.16 $3,330.20 $6,503.39 $10,311.23

*Please note that if tabs are expired we will charge and estimated rate of $157.00 to apply for your tabs and title transfer. If there is money owed to you we will send out a refund check to the address you requested your title to be sent.